2018 Campaign Cabinet

Stephanie Franklin: Campaign Chair

Susie Ferrara: First Vice Chair

Josh Booth: Second Vice Chair

P.K. Hightower: Communications Chair

Jim Moore: Loaned Professional Training & Recruitment Chair & Industrial Division Chair

Caroline Reppert: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions Chair

Thomas Yamamoto: Savannah River Remedation Chair

Pamela Frazier/Monica Key: Corporate Gift Chairs

Mayor Rick & Angie Osbon: Community Business Chair

Clay Killian: Government Chair

Jeremy Jiunnies: City of North Augusta Coordinator

Tracy Lott: City of Aiken Coordinator

Mike Rosier: Education Chair

Karen Edington: USC Aiken Coordinator

Jill Uhler: Aiken Technical College Coordinator

Mayor Fred & Lee Cavanaugh: Individual Gifts Chairs

Andrew Siders/Christy Tyner: Professional Division Chairs