Loaned Professional Program

Loaned Professionals Program

What is a Loaned Professional?

A Loaned Professional is an individual  carefully selected by his or her organization who is assigned to work in the United Way campaign for a specified period of time. During this time, he or she is relieved of regular job responsibilities. 

Advantages of the Loaned Professional Program

To the Loaned Professional:

  • Develops contacts with key community leadership
  • Develops leadership skills and gains community exposure not otherwise available in his/her day-to-day job
  • Learns to work effectively with people of varying social, economic, and cultural backgrounds
  • Learns to adapt to different personalities and situations under pressure
  • Develops organizational and planning skills – including knowledge of the importance of timing and deadlines
  • Feels more a part of the community and can take pride in knowing  his/her work is helping to improve the community

To the Loaned Professional’s Company:

  • Gains a new and challenging way to expose and test its personnel in the areas of salesmanship, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Demonstrates its concern for the community’s social well-being through good community relations and involvement
  • Provides its personnel with a unique knowledge of the community’s economic, social, and physical characteristics

To the Community:

  • Gains knowledgeable, active citizens who serve as a reservoir of potential civic leadership with firsthand experience in volunteerism
  • Experiences a strengthened spirit of community self-help
  • Becomes better acquainted with responsible sources of community concern within local businesses, education, labor, and civil service organizations

To the United Way:

  • Achieves a broadened base and high levels of giving among executives and employee groups
  • Keeps the campaign/administration costs low
  • Gains knowledgeable spokespersons who can relate their United Way experience and resources to others back at their organizations, in the neighborhoods, and at home
  • Gains a new source of future leaders for itself and its supported agencies

If you are interested in supporting United Way of Aiken County by providing a Loaned Professional from your organization, please contact Candis Moyer at 803.648.8331.

Thank you to our 2013 Loaned Professionals and their sponsoring organizations!!!

McKenzie Sealy, Sponsored by CH2M HILL
Jim Moore, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
Trenadia Jordan, Security Federal Bank