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Statement of
Diversity & Inclusion


The purpose, mission, and vision of United Way is to bring all the focus, passion and resources of our community together to fight for opportunity and justice - we exist to face these challenges unflinchingly and honestly. We embrace diversity and encourage inclusion. We advocate for those who have no voice. We support programs that provide opportunity for a good life for all. We live United.

We Need you. We need all of us to step up, get involved, and use our influence, our passion, and our resources to truly face the fight the injustices happening all around us. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. It will take every one of us, United, to make sure that each person in our community experiences the same opportunities, education, safety and security regardless of race or ethnicity. Silence, apathy, or leaving it to someone else is not an option. We must act. We must act now. Because... UNITED WE WILL WIN!!!


OUR Guiding Principles