Campaign Professional Program

Campaign Professionals Program

What is a Campaign Professional?

A Campaign Professional is an individual  carefully selected by his or her organization who is assigned to work in the United Way campaign for a specified period of time. During this time, he or she is relieved of regular job responsibilities. 

Advantages of the Campaign Professional Program

To the campaign Professional:

  • Develops contacts with key community leadership
  • Develops leadership skills and gains community exposure not otherwise available in his/her day-to-day job
  • Learns to work effectively with people of varying social, economic, and cultural backgrounds
  • Learns to adapt to different personalities and situations under pressure
  • Develops organizational and planning skills – including knowledge of the importance of timing and deadlines
  • Feels more a part of the community and can take pride in knowing  his/her work is helping to improve the community

To the Campaign Professional’s Company:

  • Gains a new and challenging way to expose and test its personnel in the areas of salesmanship, leadership, and organizational skills
  • Demonstrates its concern for the community’s social well-being through good community relations and involvement
  • Provides its personnel with a unique knowledge of the community’s economic, social, and physical characteristics

To the Community:

  • Gains knowledgeable, active citizens who serve as a reservoir of potential civic leadership with firsthand experience in volunteerism
  • Experiences a strengthened spirit of community self-help
  • Becomes better acquainted with responsible sources of community concern within local businesses, education, labor, and civil service organizations

To the United Way:

  • Achieves a broadened base and high levels of giving among executives and employee groups
  • Keeps the campaign/administration costs low
  • Gains knowledgeable spokespersons who can relate their United Way experience and resources to others back at their organizations, in the neighborhoods, and at home
  • Gains a new source of future leaders for itself and its supported agencies

If you are interested in supporting United Way of Aiken County by providing a Campaign Professional from your organization, please contact Ellen Luton at 803.648.8331 ext. 212.


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